Veris H8150-0100-0-3 Energy Meters

  • Veris H8150-0100-0-3 Energy Meters
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Veris Industries Part # H8150-0100-0-3

The H8150 Series Energy Meters are easy to install and provide exceptional system accuracy, making them ideal for all submetering applications. Each meter is factory-matched with one to three split-core CTs. Matching serial numbers assure that the meter and CT were calibrated together. The meter/CT pairs are system-calibrated to provide excellent total system accuracies of 1% from 2% to 100% of the amperage rating of the CTs (e.g., 2-100 amps with 100 amp CTs). Commercial tenant submetering Performance contractingAllocating costsReal-time power monitoring via local display or through control/data acquisition systemsThe ultimate stand-alone energy metering system High resolution backlit LCD display provides clear readings at a distance...reduces the risk of misinterpretation of the data. Back-lighting can be disabled if desiredSimple, fast installation Split-core CTs eliminate the need to remove electrical conductors...reduces installation timeEnergy meters automatically detect and correct phase reversal, eliminating the need to be concerned with CT load orientation CTs and voltage leads are color coded making it easy to determine correct connection