Veris GDVAS Carbon Monoxide Sensor

  • Veris GDVAS Carbon Monoxide Sensor
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G Series carbon monoxide sensors maximize energy savings, while ensuring optimal ventilation. The sensors allow ventilation systems to be controlled by the amount of CO present in a location. The G Series detects fluctuations in CO levels, and it signals air systems to provide an inlet of fresh air optimal for the space at a given time. In this manner, the ventilation fan does not need to run continuously, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. If there is an excess CO level in a location, the G Series will alert those in the area with both an audible and a visual alarm. The G Series devices are equipped with a relay contact that closes when CO level is below 25ppm and opens when the CO level is above 25ppm. Removal of the sensor, interruption of power, or cut wires cause the relay circuit to open and start the fan. Minimum relay cycle time is 3 minutes to prevent fan short-cycling. Audible Alarm: 85dB alarm sounds if CO level rises above 100ppm for 30 minutes. Controlling parking garage ventilation Ensuring OSHA air quality compliance in commercial buildings and factories High accuracy and stability Microprocessor controlled...high accuracy, excellent stability No calibration required...easy maintenance and worry-free operation Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensor Versatile outputs for popular applications Interface to DDC system, GM panel, or direct fan control Onboard relay for direct ventilation fan control Selectable output: 4-20mA or 0-5V/0-10VDC for operation flexibilty Ventilation control in parking garages for energy savings 5-year, long-life replaceable sensor element Interface to control system via 4-20mA or 0-5/0-10VDC output Fail-safe alarm relay handles 5 amps for direct fan control Audible exposure alarm 100ppm, 30 minutes per UL 2034... easy troubleshooting