Schneider-Electric SQD-METSEEM4310

  • Schneider-Electric SQD-METSEEM4310
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The compact PowerLogic EM4800 series multi-circuit energy meter from Schneider Electric enables reliable metering of individual tenants with a low installation cost-per-point by combining revenue-accurate electricity sub-metering with advanced communications technology. It is ideal for multi-tenant or departmental metering applications within office towers, condominiums, apartment buildings, shopping centers and other multi-user environments. The PowerLogic EM4800 series meters monitor up to 24 tenants with a single device. Multiple meters can be combined to support an unlimited number of suites.

  • Direct connection for 100 - 300 Vac L - N electrical distribution systems (277 Y/480V; 208 Y/120V; 120/240V; 230V)
  • Current Transformers ( CT’s) are required and sold separately
  • The PowerLogic EM4805 meter requires 5 Amp, split-core or solid-core CT's
  • Shorting blocks are required. Consider SQD-3090TB4 (4 Pole) or SQD-3090TB6 (6 Pole)
  • This model requires 120 Vac, 60hz control power
  • Enclosure Size: H=13.125 in., W=17 in., D=2.125 in
  • 1 Ethernet port for Modbus TCPIP or FTP or HTTP (Includes on board web server)
  • 1 Modem port for FTP
The PowerLogic EM4800 series meter is integral to tenant billing and energy management solutions that provide building owners with the following benefits:
  • Provide accurate energy sub-billing to tenants.
  • Empower tenants with information about their energy usage, allowing them to manage their total consumption while helping you reduce operational costs and offer more competitive lease rates.
  • Accurately allocate costs to departments or processes and identify saving opportunities by exposing wasteful energy practices
  • Identify periods of high energy usage and revealing cost saving opportunities within your facilities
  • Verify utility charges using accurate, revenue-grade meters to avoid being overcharged
  • Establish a “green” efficiency image for your building, such as qualifying for points within the LEED Green Building Rating System