Schneider Electric 2373-501 Relay

  • Schneider Electric 2373-501 Relay
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Schneider Electric Part # 2373-501

The 2373-501 Selector Relay is a device designed for use in pneumatic control systems where the application requires the comparison, selection, and transmission of the highest and/or the lowest of up to six pneumatic input signals. All input ports are “dead-ended” and no signal air passes through the relay to the output ports.

The 2373-501 has been designed for pilot duty; for direct actuator operation. If valves or damper actuators are equipped with positive positioning relays, the output of the 2373-501 will normally be sufficient.

Selects the highest and/or lowest of 6 input signals.

2373-501 is applied as a low pressure selector relay, all input ports must be piped with active inputs. This also holds true if both HI and LO outputs are being used. Unpiped ports would show 0 pressure and the relay output would always be 0 psig at the LO port.

For applications utilizing only the HI output, unused inputs may be left open as the highest signal is selected. Unused output ports (LO or HI) should be capped thereby reducing system air use.

The 2373-501 is designed for pilot duty operation. For operation of final control devices (valves or actuators), a volume booster relay, such as the 2372-501, may also be used or the output of the 2373-501 may be fed to valves or actuators equipped with a positive positioning relay.