Schneider-Electric 2323-505 Pressure Transmitter

  • Schneider-Electric 2323-505 Pressure Transmitter
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Differential or Static Pressure Transmitter is designed to sense differential or static pressure across fans, coils, filters, or between two reference points and to transmit a 3 to 15 psig signal to controlling and indicating devices such as receiver controllers, receiver gages, and sensitive pressure switches.
These devices are one-pipe transmitters which require an external restrictor in the supply line. Their design features pneumatic feedback, which ensures accuracy and stability over the entire operating range. Mounting ears are provided for strain-free mounting on ducts or other flat surfaces.
  • Permits remote readout and control of differential or static pressure of air.
  • Ball-in-seat pneumatic feedback ensures linearity and responsiveness.
  • Field-adjustable “zero”.
  • Range W.C. (Pa) -0.05 to +0.20 in. (-12.45 to 49.8)