Veris EA10HC1AB Monitoring System

  • Veris EA10HC1AB Monitoring System
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The EA10 DC monitoring system provides the perfect solution for solar string monitoring in combiner and sub-combiner boxes or other DC loads. The modular construction allows easy installation for 8 to 32 strings in a single system. Pulse Reset technology means no output drift and immunity to power spikes and surges up to 20kA. The EA10HC1AB is the encapsulated communications board (head unit) for the EA10 DC String Monitor. Connect up to four EA10DD08B current sensing modules to one head unit to monitor up to 32 poles (or solar strings). Connect up to 63 head units on one Modbus daisy chain for full system monitoring. 24Vdc to 42Vdc control power needed for each head unit. All boards can be mounted on a standard 35mm DIN rail for easy installation.

DATA SET (OUTPUTS) Current per point Instantaneous Amps Cumulative Amp-hours Alarm Events Renewable energy and string monitors Industrial monitoring Data Centers High-density DC load monitoring

Full-featured product maximizes versatility Patented Pulse Reset Technology significantly increases accuracy...sensor is not affected by stray magnetic worry of magnetization from over-current faults…high immunity to power surges….greater repeatability over time Modular construction…connect up to four current sensing modules to one communications (head unit) board…easy to install Monitors 2016 points total…minimizes home run wiring Up to 1000Vdc isolation for high voltage strings RS-485 Modbus communications….quick commissioning Wide range DC power requirements…versatility Fits onto a standard 35mm DIN rail…convenient installation Amp-hour calculation…read once per day for less network traffic LED indication of faults…quick visible troubleshooting Ideal for UL1741 combiner box systems….smart combiner capability SunSpec Alliance Compliance…easy integration with other SunSpec compliant products 5-year limited warranty