Veris H8920-4 LonTalk Integration Node

  • Veris H8920-4 LonTalk Integration Node
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To answer the needs for open-protocol standards and cost-effective energy information, Veris Industries offers the Enercept ® H8920 Series of LonTalk Integration Nodes. Transducers can be connected to LonWorks ® networks through the H8920 devices. Couple the simplified installation of our Modbus ® power meters to the flexible H8920 platform and realize installation savings of up to 70% when compared to “standard ” power transducers. Using an indexing method, the H8920 devices can report data from multiple Veris power meters on the downstream Modbus network. Just select the Modbus address of a specific device with a plug-in configuration tool or send an input variable to the network. Acquire and record the desired data, and move on to select another device. Submetering for commercial tenants...allocate costsEnergy managing and performance contractingLoad shedding and demand controlActivity-based costing in commercial and industrial facilitiesEasy Integration to Echelon networksPre-configured to pass points acquired by Veris transducers to a Lon controllerEasy cost-effective connectivity to LonWorks systems...makes open connectivity possibleFlexible mounting and wiring options save time and money