Veris U006-0002 Zone Leak Monitor

  • Veris U006-0002 Zone Leak Monitor
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LD300 control panels continuously monitor up to 300 ft. of SC water detection cable per zone. If the cable detects conductive fluid at any point along its length, the detection panel illuminates the corresponding zone LED, clearly indicating which zone is affected. An alarm signals the presence of a leak. Additionally, if the cable fails or loses continuity, the panel will activate a cable fault LED. The detection sensitivity can be set independently for each zone. A summary alarm relay output is standard. Monitoring data centers, computer room under-floor areas, mechanical rooms, and electrical control centersProtecting records storage roomsMonitoring plumbing in facilitiesMonitoring chilled beamsFeaturesMonitor up to 300 ft. per zone...application flexibilitySensitivity settings for each zone help eliminate false alarms...maximum detection accuracySummary alarm relay response