Veris FKIT-VMD1B-F240A Blade Style Relay

  • Veris FKIT-VMD1B-F240A Blade Style Relay
  • Price$12.19


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Veris Industries Part # FKIT-VMD1B-F240A

The Veris VMD1B-F Series are full-featured SPDT blade style relays for socket/DIN mounting. The VMD1B-F Series are equipped with an LED for coil proof, a flag for contact proof, an override lever, and a push-to-test button for momentary contact control. The VMD1B-F allows for instant and conclusive troubleshooting. Never wonder if the relay, control system, or wiring is the cause of a problem. The DIN-rail-compatible VBD1B-F sockets feature a slim design with finger-safe terminals and a removable hold-down clip. Never struggle with wire clips again.Color-coded push button...allows manual operation of relay. AC coils red or DC coils blueRemovable override lever...when activated, locks push button and contacts in the powered positionFlag indicator...shows relay status in manual or powered conditionLED status lamp...shows coil “ON ” or “OFF ” statusI.D. tag/write-on plastic label...used for identification of relays in multi-relay circuits2-Way side or DIN rail mounting system...retrofits existing panel mounting and 35mm DIN rail