CLA-VAL Automatic Control Valves

CLA-VAL Automatic Control Valves

Allied Controls is a factory authorized Cla-Val distributor and dealer located in Central Florida. We offer Cla-Val's entire catalog of Waterworks and Fire Protection valves, controls, accessories, repair kits, and replacement parts such as stems, disc retainers, diaphragms and more! Enter a part number into the search bar above or contact us for assistance.

Cla-Val automatic control valves are known for superior build quality, reliability, and smooth operation. They are designed to meet the requirements of water utility systems, greatly improving supply and distribution system efficiency. Cla-Val valves are in compliance with industry lead content requirements and drinking water standards.

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CLA-VAL 90-01 Pressure Reducing Valve | 90-01ADS

CLA-VAL 90-01 Pressure Reducing Valve | 90-01ADS

Cla-Val Model 90-01ADS Pressure Reducing Valve with Check Feature. Standard options include 30-300 P..


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